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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Small animals
Product description
  • exceptional adhesive properties of the band: individual layers unite, but the band does not stick to fur or hair;
  • the stripe facilitates unrolling the band;
  • durable material that can be easily put on and fastened but also easily removed without using scissors;
  • available in 4 popular colours, 3 widths 4.5 m long.
Available sizes
Cat. No.Name
164000SAdhesive elastic band POLflex 2.5 cm (mix)
164002SAdhesive elastic band POLflex 5 cm (mix)
164004SAdhesive elastic band POLflex 7,5 cm (mix)
164006SAdhesive elastic band POLflex 10 cm (mix)
164009SAdhesive elastic band POLflex 15 cm (mix)