Fattening house for 1,400 pigs in the curtain system

Nutrition - TSKK double tubomats, fi 60 feed lines, 210-4 feed silos with a capacity of 10.2 tons (each) - 2 pcs. watering - bowls made of stainless steel PM3_K / Dosatron medicine dispenser ventilation - d-520 ventilation chimneys, l-1.4 m and curtain system with automatic closing, CBA 2000 controller; Automatically controlled air flow through openings in the side walls covered with curtains. The curtains are made of PVC coated polyester fabric thanks to which they are very durable.Opened along the entire length. Easy to use thanks to the electric drive and easy to clean. They provide additional natural lighting and proper ventilation of the building. The entire ventilation system is controlled by a central controller activated automatically. maintenance - floor scaffolded with 100% concrete grates for fattening pigs with a 17 mm gap fencing height 100 cm, posts made of acid steel, around the inside walls of the building a PP plate up to 1 m high.