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Small animals

PL3 micromotor & 1:1 straight nose cone

catalog number: L4200
Product description

The iM3 PL3 micromotor is a user-friendly and compact system designed for polishing. The PL3 features a built-in digital display for viewing motor rotation speed and offers speed control of 0 - 30,000 RPM. The PL3 comes equipped with Automatic Feedback Control and powerful torque. The PL3 Includes; Micro-motor, iM3 1:1 straight nose cone (L6860), foot pedal and 10 x oscillating disposable prophy angles and paste. iM3 HP Burs and contra attachments are available.

W zestawie
  • mikromotor;
  • prostnica 1:1;
  • pedał sterowania;
  • 10 końcówek polerujących (jednorazowe);
  • pasty polerujące jednorazowe;

Istnieje możliwość dokupienia wierteł HP i kątnic.