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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Small animals

Zoncare PM-7000 VET

catalog number: Pm7000 - 240120
Product description
  • 12.1 inch LED screen, high brightness, Low power consumption and long lifetime
  • Standard 6 parameters configurations: ECG. RESP, NIBP. SP02. PR. TEMP
  • Large font display offers a clear view of all vital signs
  • Support AC and DC, build-in Lithium-ion battery, can provide the power to the monitor a long time after the power off
  • Precise measurement technology, professional veterinary measurement software, and suitable for the long time monitoring on dog, cat and other animals
  • Large-capacity storage and playback function
Standardowa konfiguracja
  • ECG, HR, NIBP, SpO2, Temp, Resp, Bateria.
  • podwójna bateria;
  • drukarka;
  • wózek lub system montażu naściennego;
  • EtCO2, IBP, ATN.