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Small animals

Electrocauter 50 W / 80 W

catalog number: 30625 / 30626
Product description
  • monopolar units for small surgical procedures;
  • 50 W apparatus used in small procedures of cutting and coagulation;
  • 80 W apparatus used for cutting and cauterisation as well as coagulation and microcoagulation;
  • standard equipment of a disposable handle, pedal, plate, and cable, 6 autoclavable electrodes (diameter 2.4 mm, length 5 cm);
  • 2 m electrical wire.
Max cutting force (CUT)50 W80 W
Max power (CUT/COAG1)45 W-
Max power (CUT/COAG2)40 W-
Max cauterising power BLEND-60 W
Max coagulation power40 W50 W
Max microcoagulation power MICRO-20 W
Working frequency600 kHz700 kHz
Weight2,5 kg2,5 kg
Dimensions [mm]190 x 85 x 239190 x 85 x 239
230 V fuses2 x 3.15 A2 x 3.15 A