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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Small animals
Product description
  • enforced corners to prevent the accumulation of dust;
  • a layer of laminated transparent foil and a layer of moisture
  • resistant paper;
  • ensures high antibacterial protection;
  • external welding of the entire length of the case;
  • certified bags.
Available sizes
Cat. No.NameSize
35860Self-welding autoclave foil90 x 165 mm
35861Self-welding autoclave foil90 x 230 mm
35862Self-welding autoclave foil140 x 250 mm
35863Self-welding autoclave foil190 x 330 mm
35864Self-welding autoclave foil190 x 400 mm
35866Self-welding autoclave foil300 x 450 mm