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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Small animals
Product description
  • Wide range of sizes (7 sizes)
  • Transparent, clear so the animal can easily see through
  • Made from soft and flexible polypropylene
  • Completely ecological and recyclable
  • Simple and Quick closing mechanism secured with doubled back tabs
  • Separate fastenings system on the collar that prevents the collar from slipping and moving
  • Rounded, well contoured outer edge
Available sizes
Cat. No.Name
273480_VETTransparent collar 7,5 cm VETPLUS
273481_VETTransparent collar 10,0 cm VETPLUS
273482_VETTransparent collar 12,5 cm VETPLUS
273483_VETTransparent collar 15,0 cm VETPLUS
273484_VETTransparent collar 20,0 cm VETPLUS
273485_VETTransparent collar 25,0 cm VETPLUS
273486_VETTransparent collar 30,0 cm VETPLUS